Virtual Challenge this week is…Athletics!

This week have a go at this challenge. It can be easily adapted to try indoors or outdoors.Watch this video to find out how:  Have fun and don’t forget to include your name, school and year group when you send in your entry.

You MUST have your adult’s permission

Every entry wins us points!! The school with most video entries over the weeks will be the winners!!
There will be a virtual celebration event on the w/c 15th June 2020, which would have been our Norfolk School Games Summer Finals Week. 
Good luck!!

Dolphin and Shark Classes 31.1.20

On Tuesday we were visited by Ian Pyecroft from Black Knight Historical to introduce the children to a new project we are taking part in called ‘The Battle for North Walsham.’ The children listened carefully during the session and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the artifacts and reproduction costumes which he had brought with him. As the project progresses the children will design a shield which will be displayed in one of the shops in North Walsham high street as well as get the chance to take part in drama and art workshops during the summer term. Keep an eye out for updates.

Shark Class 17.1.20

In science sharks have been learning about evolution and the importance of the fossil record. So far we have observed fossils and tried to infer information from them. We compared the similarities and differences between our ancestors and use lots of scientific vocabulary and it was excellent to see so much JONK curiosity in the classroom. 

We have also learnt about how evolution creates divergent species. Sharks are very excited to have a go at making their own ‘fossils’ next week.

We have also been really proud of some of our year 5s this week – before Christmas lots of us were struggling to consistently use column method for addition and subtraction but since we have been back they have been been resilient and reflective and we have cracked it!

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