August 2019 £3000 Refurbishment of the exterior of Starfish Preschool mobile classroom by North Norfolk Community Sandscaping Fund.

In August 2019 we received news that we had been successful in our bid for funds to support the refurbishment of the exterior of Starfish Preschool’s mobile classroom. We received £3000. The exterior was stripped, the condition of the woodwork inspected and new concrete fascia cladding boards were applied. The mobile classroom is once again water-tight and providing an exciting learning environment for children aged 2-4 years of age.

May 2018 £9781 Outdoor Gym equipment Project funded by National Lottery

In May 2018 we received news that we had been successful in our bid to the National Lottery for funds to support the purchase and installation of outdoor gym equipment.

During July 2018 seven pieces of outdoor gym equipment were installed on the school field including a ski walker, arm bike, crosstrainer, leg press and table tennis table. The children were very excited by the equipment and it has proved very popular since, being used every playtime and lunchtime when there are suitable conditions to enable access to the field.

The outdoor gym equipment promotes healthy lifestyles through exercise as well as enabling the children to use their JONK dispositions of collaboration and resilience.

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