Welcome to Shark Class


Welcome to Sharks! We are a lively and happy mix of year 5 and 6 children. Currently there are 28 of us but we are excited to be welcoming two new sharks into our Shiver in a few weeks time. Our teacher is Miss Peck and our Teaching Assitant is Mrs Bunting. We take very seriously our roles as eldest in the school and strive to set an excellent JONK atittude for everyone around us. We also know that we will not always get everything right but that taking responsibility and learning from our mistakes is essential. We like to play games and work collaboratively as part of our learning and are looking forward to a term packed with activities! We will be focussing on key skills from reading, writing and maths to support us in filling any gaps established during the lockdowns but we will also be enjoying our Olympic Adventures topic filled with lots of history, art and music!

What are we learning about this term?

Olympics Knowledge Organiser
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Bacton Primary is great, especially being in Shark Class. Our school is small so you get to know each other really well and make friends. My favourite subjects are science because you learn about real life things like how your heart works and maths because I find it easy. Being a Shark is brilliant because you get to support younger children in school.

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Bacton Primary is 'Fintastic'. The teachers are kind and supportive and help you achieve your best. My favourite subjects are maths because I like solving problems and history because leaning about the past is interesting.

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I really love being  part of Bacton Primary because we often work as a team. The work and learning is always new which I really like. My favourite subjects are maths because I'm good at using written calculations and science because you learn amazing facts.