Our Curriculum

Learning is organised into topics with each topic lasting either a half or full term. Due to small cohorts, all classes in school are mixed age. To ensure curriculum coverage is broad and balanced, topics rotate on a four year rolling programme. At the centre of all topics are ‘Power of Reading’ books. These books are carefully chosen by teachers and in conjunction with rigorous planning and high quality teaching, ensure that meaningful links within and between subjects effectively enable the children to broaden their knowledge and skills simultaneously. Our curriculum builds on previous learning and promotes creative links across the full breadth of subject areas.

Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is engaging, exciting and exploratory, encompassing and celebrating all curriculum areas. It aims to provide our children with transferable skills and a secure knowledge base to become creative and curious citizens of the world. Our curriculum, allows them to ask and explore thought-provoking questions which shapes their learning and enables them to develop into independent thinkers and learners.

Our Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Our aim is to provide our children with a substantial, broad and balanced curriculum, which ensures that they are fully immersed in knowledge, vocabulary and experiences relevant to the world in which they live. Our curriculum looks to include, across all its subjects, a breadth of reading, writing, language and maths skills which recognise the benefits of creating direct links to enrich our pupils’ subject learning and increased  enjoyment in all subjects.

Our broad and balanced curriculum was formed with our children at its centre. We know that there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' when it comes to a curriculum and it was important to us to carefully plan our topics and content with the children at its heart.

Our broad curriculum provides our children with the opportunities to learn about themselves, their community, their values and the wider world to ensure they can make the most of it. If you want to find out more about how we plan and implement our curriculum, take a look at our curriculum area pages. These have been written by out subject leaders.



Understanding English,
and Language

Geographical and

The Arts

Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing

Scientific and Technological Understanding

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Understanding the World of Work

Active Citizens of the World

Our starting point was to look at what we what our children to be.
We want them to be Global Citizens:

Effective Communicators
Confident Individuals
Successful Learner
Responsible Citizen
Healthy and Active
Safe and Nurtured
Included and Respected
Reach their individual potential

The Joy Of Not Knowing

“The Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) is a values-led philosophy of education and of school leadership that removes barriers and worries associated with not knowing or with findings things difficult by creating a learning to learn culture and ethos in schools where everyone perceives that anything and everything is possible.”​

​At Bacton we want our children to be curious, creative, collaborative, reflective, resourceful and resilient. We want our children to be able to analyse the world around them and contribute positively to society.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Key Stage 2 Curriculum