The BIG Freeze!

It has been snowy this week in Seahorses. Our igloo is being well used and we now have a small world tray with penguins, ice and snow in it. We have all been learning a lot about penguins, some of us have started fact finding so we can create fact files for penguins. We have also read our class books for English and have learnt all about what happens to ‘Blue Penguin’ and ‘The Emperor’s Egg.’


Reception children should now be coming into school without their parents/carers – this is an important step in them becoming resilient, independent. Please say your goodbyes at the front door.

For the safeguarding of all our children please DO NOT enter the car park or approach the playground fence to speak to children once they have entered school – this can be unnecessarily upsetting for the children. 

Shark Class 17.1.20

In science sharks have been learning about evolution and the importance of the fossil record. So far we have observed fossils and tried to infer information from them. We compared the similarities and differences between our ancestors and use lots of scientific vocabulary and it was excellent to see so much JONK curiosity in the classroom. 

We have also learnt about how evolution creates divergent species. Sharks are very excited to have a go at making their own ‘fossils’ next week.

We have also been really proud of some of our year 5s this week – before Christmas lots of us were struggling to consistently use column method for addition and subtraction but since we have been back they have been been resilient and reflective and we have cracked it!

Dolphin Class 17.1.20

In Dolphins, we have been using our reasoning skills in maths this week and had great fun trying to find all the possibilities to our problems.  We needed a lot of resilience, curiosity and reflection – great JONK skills.

Seahorse Class 17.1.20

We have now learnt the titles of our books for English. They are both to do with penguins! Our new roleplay has opened, it is a travel agents in an igloo. It’s freezing in there! We are also learning about different animals, we now know what a mammal is.

Starfish Pre-School 17.1.20

This week Starfish helped Elsa to rescue the friends she had accidentally frozen in blocks of ice. They experimented using lots of different tools and ingredients to make the ice crack and melt.

On Friday afternoon, we were invited to visit the Seahorses and try out some of their toys and games, we especially enjoyed discovering how to draw on the interactive white board. The Starfish children were so grown up Miss Peck thought they must be new Reception children!

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