This Week at Bacton

There have been a number of complaints from both parents and residents recently following incidents of unsafe and inconsiderate parking. Please ensure our children are safe by parking considerately and legally. Thank you for your anticipated support.

ATTENDANCE target set by the Government is 96.1%

Current attendance figure for

Bacton is 97.04%

We have 71 on roll and there are currently 34 children with 100% attendance for the Spring Term.


The class with the highest attendance this week was Dolphin Class with 97.5% attendance

Well done to Dolphin class - who receive the £10.00 weekly attendance reward

Have you received one yet? - If your child has 100% attendance during the week we will be texting you to congratulate them. Look out for your message! Last week 61 messages were sent out as 61/71 children had 100% attendance for the week. How many messages will be sent this week?

The Coastal Federation

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