Dolphin Class Weekly Update (23/04/21)

We have continued our work around the Greek myths but this week we have started to read ‘Perseus and the Gorgons’ . Dolphins have discovered the gorgon Medusa during their character writing and created mythical creatures of their own. We delved into the use of author’s language to help the reader visualise pictures from our description. I can assure you no one would want to meet them. In maths, we have been working on developing our understanding of tenths using pictorial representations to help us see their size and place value. Many of the Dolphins are now finishing their symmetrical greek pots and they are looking fantastic.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 16/04/21

This week Starfish have been busy settling back into setting but you wouldn’t know they had been away! They have come in with big smiles and are eager to learn. The children have also been really welcoming to our two new starters who have also settled into Starfish well. We have been looking at dinosaurs this week, the start of our animal theme this half term. We have counted using dinosaur footprints, read dinosaur stories and have been colouring and creating our own dinosaurs! The children have been enjoying using the sandpit again and taking turns on the trikes and scooters as well.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 16/04/21

This week we have been very busy settling back into our routines. In English Year 1 and 2 have started thier new book The Fox and the Star, it has really beautiful pictures in it which have helped us to understand some of the language that has been used. Whilst in maths they hvae been looking at how we can partition numbers in standard and non-standard ways. Reception have also been very busy using their phonics to help write senteces this week. They have also been looking at how they are different and the same.

Shark Class Weekly Update 16/4/21

This week in Sharks we have really focussed on settling back into our learning Routine. In maths we recapped some core skills like non-standard partitioning and place value. We encourage you to challenge us to a place value game… we got very good! In English we started our new books ‘ Who let the Gods out’ which is linked to our new Olympic Adventures topic. We have been writing dialogue with a particular focus on conveying character… we really got in the haughty, superior way that Virgo speaks! We began our topic by constructing timelines of Ancient Greece and are excited to continue this learning next week.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 16/04/2021

In English, we have begun looking at Greek myths, linked to our Olympic topic. This week we have read the story of Pandora’s Box, considering the bad things released from it but thinking and writing about our hopes. In science, we have continued investigating magnets and how they attract and repel each other.