Shark Class Weekly Update 16/07/2021

This week has been another busy one for Sharks. We had a fantastic Sports Day – the sun even joined us…. for the morning! We competed with energy, enthusiasm and a collaborative attitude. It was a massive success! We carried on with making the props for our opening ceremonies, ready for Monday where we will create the choreography for the performances. We also continued our work around the graffiti art style. In English we used art to inspire the next section of our retelling and pulled in all our writing skills from this year to add details and semi-colon lists. Finally, we had our transition morning in school – so Year 6 went and completed the props whilst Year 5 welcomed the new Sharks in…. we are sure they are going to be a great addition to the Shark legacy.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 16/07/2021

It has been a busy week in Dolphins in which we have experienced our new classes for next year. Year 4 are now excited with the prospect of being a Shark next year and the new year 3s enjoyed making 3D dolphins too. We also had a great time during sports days working collaboratively during the ’round-robin’ events and competitively during the races.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 16/07/2021

We had a great transition morning on Tuesday with our new reception children in school. We were very creative and created some self-portraits using paint. The likenesses were fantastic! We had a great time playing together and it was lovely to see all the children helping each other and being collaborative. The children also had an amazing sports day, they listened really well and followed all the instructions they were given. They were very supportive of each other, not just those in Seahorse class but also those in key stage 2.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 16/07/2021

Our last full week! And what a busy week it has been. The children enjoyed some taste testing this week, trying different foods and describing the textures, tastes and smells. They were brilliant at giving all the foods a try and talking about if the foods were sweet or sour. Our older children also had a fantastic Transition Morning on Tuesday and were keen to tell the adults about their morning in ‘big school’, talking about who their teacher will be and what they are most looking forward to. We had a look at the new school jumpers which are available to order for September and had a go at trying them on, we think they look super grown up in them!

Shark Class Weekly Update 09/07/2021

It might be nearing the end of term but we have not let up on our pace of learning. This week we began designing and choreographing our own Olympic Opening ceremonies which we hope to perfect next week (see some photos below). We have also been learning about the Shinto creation story. We had great fun ‘WHOOSHING’ the story (see the pictures) and are now retelling the story. Lots of our year 6s have had transition to their new High Schools this week so there have been lots of nerves but also excitement! Next week we are excited for move up morning and Sports Days.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 09/07/2021

We are almost at the end of term but Dolphins have still been super busy with their learning this week. In science we have been researching the scientific names for the bones in our body. Pairs worked collaboratively to find out information about the skeleton. We can now tell an adult which bone has been bumped and where to apply the cold pack. You might like to test this out with your child/ren. Dolphins joined forces with Sharks this week and began designing and choreographing their own Olympic Opening ceremonies which we hope to perfect next week. In English we used dramatisation to recreate the Shinto creation story before starting to write our own version. A fraction of the week has been devoted to maths where we have developed our understanding of pictorial representations for, you guessed it, fractions of amounts!

Seahorse Class Weekly update 09/07/2021

Another really busy week for Seahorses. We started it off by having our own mini Olympics style day on Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather had other plans and decided to rain for most of the day which meant we were unable to go and practice all the races we had wanted to. The children however were resilient and instead enjoyed playing with the giant parachute in the hall. We then practised some different skills such as speed bounce and throwing as well as an obstacle race on the playground. In the afternoon the children created their own games which they then played on Wednesday in PE. The children also made their own paper aeroplanes and we had different races for those in the afternoon. Throughout all the sessions there was some great collaboration between the children. Well done Seahorses!

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 09/07/2021

We have had a bear themed week in Starfish this week. We started the week with ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ The children enjoyed the repetition in the story and joined in with both the story and the actions. On Wednesday we then looked at ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. At snack time the children tried Daddy Bear’s porridge, Mummy Bear’s porridge and Baby Bear’s porridge with Baby Bear’s porridge being the favourite. The children were then able to retell the story, remembering the phrase ‘just right!’ We ended the week learning fun bear facts, including that bears are extremely intelligent animals and are known to care deeply for others.