Dolphin Class Weekly Update 30/04/2021

Dolphins have embraced their love of the Greek myths again this week as they delved into the collaborative act of drama. We have looked at the structure of a myth; unpicking the build-up, problem and resolution. This has enabled us to begin to write our story retell. Our maths has focused on the use of decimals and we have shown our tenths and hundredths as decimals in pictorial and numerical representations. We are now able to count reliably in tenths and find the amount needed to make the next whole number. In Science, we have started our new topic ‘Living Things’ in which the children have been classifying animals.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update (23/04/21)

We have continued our work around the Greek myths but this week we have started to read ‘Perseus and the Gorgons’ . Dolphins have discovered the gorgon Medusa during their character writing and created mythical creatures of their own. We delved into the use of author’s language to help the reader visualise pictures from our description. I can assure you no one would want to meet them. In maths, we have been working on developing our understanding of tenths using pictorial representations to help us see their size and place value. Many of the Dolphins are now finishing their symmetrical greek pots and they are looking fantastic.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 16/04/2021

In English, we have begun looking at Greek myths, linked to our Olympic topic. This week we have read the story of Pandora’s Box, considering the bad things released from it but thinking and writing about our hopes. In science, we have continued investigating magnets and how they attract and repel each other.