Dolphin Class Weekly Update 16/07/2021

It has been a busy week in Dolphins in which we have experienced our new classes for next year. Year 4 are now excited with the prospect of being a Shark next year and the new year 3s enjoyed making 3D dolphins too. We also had a great time during sports days working collaboratively during the ’round-robin’ events and competitively during the races.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 09/07/2021

We are almost at the end of term but Dolphins have still been super busy with their learning this week. In science we have been researching the scientific names for the bones in our body. Pairs worked collaboratively to find out information about the skeleton. We can now tell an adult which bone has been bumped and where to apply the cold pack. You might like to test this out with your child/ren. Dolphins joined forces with Sharks this week and began designing and choreographing their own Olympic Opening ceremonies which we hope to perfect next week. In English we used dramatisation to recreate the Shinto creation story before starting to write our own version. A fraction of the week has been devoted to maths where we have developed our understanding of pictorial representations for, you guessed it, fractions of amounts!

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 02/07/2021

We have settled back into our learning routine after last week’s assessments with a smile despite the miserable weather. Dolphins have been resilient in maths as they tackled division. The bead strings have been our best friend for the week because they have helped us prove our answers, especially if we were left with a remainder. Topic this week, took us outside for a maths problem meets olympic challenge which was great fun. Dolphins worked collaboratively with a Shark partner to solve a multitude of maths problems. The classroom has been turned into a skeleton museum by the children. They had a fantastic time making and naming the different bones in the body. These are displayed with their feet that they made a week earlier. We now know lots about the amounts of bones in our bones. Ask your child/ren if they can tell you some interesting facts.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 25.06.2021

This week has been assessment week and Dolphins have shown true resilience and resourcefulness which has lead to a really successful week. Alongside that we had a very exciting Olympians Topic Day. We took part in lots of activities: boogie bounce (exhausting), archery, handball, singing ( for an upcoming surprise) and we learnt some Japanese and how to say hello in many other languages. We have also been working on our collaborative community scarecrow competition so look out for that this weekend along the front fence of the school.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 18/06/2021

Dolphins have busy learning about all thing Japanese this week. We have delved into the world of Shintoism both in RE and English. Dolphins have looked at the features of non chronological reports and begun to order information about different elements of Shinto symbols. Ask you child/ren about these and I’m sure you will be amazed at their knowledge and enthusiasm. In maths we have continued to make links between arrays and factor pairs to support our understanding of products. Our science this week has focused on the human skeleton and we have made a model of the bones in our foot. Next Thursday is our Olympian topic day which should be great fun.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 11/06/2021

Welcome back! We have had a great start to our final term of the year. Dolphins leapt in to learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers by a single digit and we have used lots of practical resources to show our understanding of arrays. This has challenged our times table knowledge too. In guided reading we have been focusing our new class book ‘The Fire Maker’s Daughter’ which is starting to look very interesting. This links with our Japan themed approach we are taking for the Olympic topic this term as well as our English this week on the poetry of Japan. We investigated and began to write our own haiku poems. We are super at counting syllables which is a skill that has improved our ability to spell polysyllabic words. Ask your children the pattern to a haiku poem?

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 28/05/2021

Dolphins have continued to work extremely hard this week despite it being the end of a very long term. The weather did not deter our bug hunt on Wednesday as we headed to the reception area to see what was lurking under the boxes and mats. Armed with our classification keys we found a host of invertebrates and had a great time too. Check our the photos and ask your child/ children to share their knowledge. The end of the week has seen two days of topic filled days “It’s all Greek to Me”. In which have collaboratively worked as a key stage with Sharks and cooked a selections of Greek food, learned to count in Greek and write the alphabet, painted our clay pots and retold the story of the famous Trojon War. We could not have had a better end to the term and the photos speak for themselves. As do the pictures taken on last weeks NSPCC Number Day – In class we worked with the newly introduced resource of Numicon to solve investigations and puzzles over numbers before enjoying our number snack which we thoroughly enjoyed decorating with an assortment of number related treats – Yummy. Happy Holidays Dolphins – You have all earned a well deserved rest – Well done !

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 21/05/2021

In topic this week, Dolphins worked collaboratively with a Shark partner to find information about Greek Philosopher. This gave them a great opportunity to learn some higher level comprehension skills and see how the older children in the school work. Dolphins had a great time in their version of the ‘Bacton Pottery Throw Down’ when we used the coil technique to create our clay pots. We have definitely some budding potters in the making. The rest of the week we have been working on subtraction in maths and complex sentences in english. We have also started to plan our own version of a Greek myth.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update 14/05/2021

Wow! Dolphins have had another fantastic week. We are almost ready to publish our Medusa retellings but we just need to polish a few areas first. Dolphins are so proud of their stories and rightly so. We have not only developed an understanding of the story but we are now confident with our ability to write different sentence structures. In maths, we have been busy with manipulatives and pictures, as we have grappled with column addition. It has been tricky but we have made great progress and are able to show our reasoning too. We have also had an artistic element to our week as we have been archeologists, using a section of pottery to imagine what our greek vase may have once looked like. Dolphins then used their inference skills to design a replica of the possible greek vase which we then painted in great detail.