Seahorse Class Weekly Update 16/07/2021

We had a great transition morning on Tuesday with our new reception children in school. We were very creative and created some self-portraits using paint. The likenesses were fantastic! We had a great time playing together and it was lovely to see all the children helping each other and being collaborative. The children also had an amazing sports day, they listened really well and followed all the instructions they were given. They were very supportive of each other, not just those in Seahorse class but also those in key stage 2.

Seahorse Class Weekly update 09/07/2021

Another really busy week for Seahorses. We started it off by having our own mini Olympics style day on Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather had other plans and decided to rain for most of the day which meant we were unable to go and practice all the races we had wanted to. The children however were resilient and instead enjoyed playing with the giant parachute in the hall. We then practised some different skills such as speed bounce and throwing as well as an obstacle race on the playground. In the afternoon the children created their own games which they then played on Wednesday in PE. The children also made their own paper aeroplanes and we had different races for those in the afternoon. Throughout all the sessions there was some great collaboration between the children. Well done Seahorses!

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 02/07/2021

Seahorses have done incredibly well at getting back into a routine after last week and all the different tests that had to be done. Year 1 and 2 have built their confidence at subtracting multiples of ten from a range of two digit numbers. Whilst reception have been doing some problem solving and investigating different ways of solving the problems. We have carried on learning about Tokyo and the Olympics and have enjoyed watching parts of the opening ceremony from 2012 when we hosted the olympics.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 25.06.2021

What a busy week! Year 2 have been absolutely fabulous this week having to sit assessments in reading and maths and some have also taken a phonics test as well. Year 1 have also worked hard on assessments this week. Reception have been incredibly helpful and considerate when we have had to move things round or be quiet to let the other children concentrate. On Wednesday we had a great time because at lunch the children starting in reception next year came and joined us. They then came and played with us again on Friday afternoon. Thursday was an amazing topic day during which we built scarecrows, Boogie Bounced, sang and were very active. The photos show just how much fun we were having.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 18/06/2021

Seahorses have and an amazing week this week! We really enjoyed our topic day on Tuesday ‘Jetting to Japan’, during which we learnt about Japan and year 1 and 2 created a fact file about Japan and then we all created our own cherry blossom pictures using bottles. We all had a go at speaking some Japanese as well as making something using origami and we finished the day by trying some soba noodles, sticky rice, katsu curry sauce and prawn crackers. Some of us surprised ourselves with how much we liked the new foods. Safe to say there wasn’t much left. On Thursday next week (24/06/21) we have our next topic day – Olympians and children in Seahorse class will need to come in their P.E. kits on both Wednesday and Thursday as they have an extra P.E. session on Thursday. It should be a great day.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 11/06/2021

We have had a fantastic week back in Seahorses. Year 1 and 2 have created their own story similar to The Fox and the Star about someone or something getting lost. They have used some amazing adjectives and enjoyed creating a story as a class first about Mr Hopkins losing Miss Peck and finding her asleep in the library. This week reception have learnt 2 new sounds, they are ee and ur. They have learnt them really quickly in class and were able to read a range of simple words with those sounds in. We have all started our more focused learning about the Olympics and have learnt a little about how they started and what the Olympics are. Ready for our topic day next week where we shall be learning about Japan.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 28/05/2021

What another busy week in Seahorses! Year 1 and 2 have created their own what am I riddles for beetles and used some amazing language to describe them. Reception have been working very hard on creating their own books all about their family. It has been great to see them using their phonics to spell a range of words. The plants have grown even more and we now have 13 sunflowers and 15 sweet peas.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 21/05/2021

Reception have had a fantastic time this week reenacting stories to help with their addition. They have also finished the book they have been reading in English – Anna Hibiscus’ Song and will be making their own books about their families next week. Year 1 and 2 are really pleased that their plants have started to grow, we have a mix of sweet peas and sunflowers that will be going in the Sea Sanctuary Garden. Years 1 and 2 have also written some fantastic persuasive letters to the character Fox in their book The Fox and the Star. Another great week!

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 14/05/2021

This week years 1 and 2 have been busy thinking about how we make different numbers using part part whole models. You can see some of the different ways we looked at the composition of numbers in our photos. Reception have also been busy learning about shapes and using them to make pictures as well as thinking about what makes them as a person happy. We have had a range of exciting activities including playing with Starfish and going to the shops. It has been great to see so many children are enjoying reading our new Monster Phonics books. Remember to read them twice and write it in your reading record. If you can bring your reading record back with your book that would be fantastic.