Seahorse Class Weekly Update 30/04/2021

Another very busy week for everyone in Seahorses this week! Year 1 and 2 have planted seeds for their sunflowers and sweet peas as a part of our science work on living and growing. Reception have also been experiencing some African culture as part of their book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ song’. Seahorses have all now got their new Monster Phonics reading books, please read them twice at home and write in reading records when you have hear them read. You can then send in reading records to us on a Monday so we can see how busy you have been. Years 1 and 2 also have had their new spellings this week so please practise them when you can.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 23/4/21

This week Seahorses have been busy continuing our learning in the sunshine when we have been able to, and this has included being able to play in the soapy water. Some of our reception children also decided to form a band and sang the alphabet with a musical accompaniment. Meanwhile year 1 and 2 were being very busy in the classroom painting circles in the style of Kandinsky. Reception have also started their new book for English this week all about a girl that lives in Africa, stay tuned to find out the title.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 16/04/21

This week we have been very busy settling back into our routines. In English Year 1 and 2 have started thier new book The Fox and the Star, it has really beautiful pictures in it which have helped us to understand some of the language that has been used. Whilst in maths they hvae been looking at how we can partition numbers in standard and non-standard ways. Reception have also been very busy using their phonics to help write senteces this week. They have also been looking at how they are different and the same.