Shark Class Weekly Update 09/07/2021

It might be nearing the end of term but we have not let up on our pace of learning. This week we began designing and choreographing our own Olympic Opening ceremonies which we hope to perfect next week (see some photos below). We have also been learning about the Shinto creation story. We had great fun ‘WHOOSHING’ the story (see the pictures) and are now retelling the story. Lots of our year 6s have had transition to their new High Schools this week so there have been lots of nerves but also excitement! Next week we are excited for move up morning and Sports Days.

Shark Class WeeklyUpdate 02/07/2021

We have had a bit of an unusual week – with the beginning of our High School transitions meaning people have been coming and going. However we have worked hard to also fit in some learning. We caught up on some missed science lessons and learnt all about the Human Life Cycle. We looked at the prenatal development of babies and then made and interpreted graphs. We had lots of questions which Mrs Bunting and Miss Peck did their best to answer! This science work has complimented our SRE work with Mr Hopkins and we made lots of connections and felt more comfortable talking about the changes to our bodies. In topic we took part in an Olympic theme Maths hunt which was good fun and we even learnt about some new Olympic sports. In maths we recapped our knowledge of squared and cubed numbers and then applied this to calculating volume.

Shark Class Weekly Update 25.06.2021

It has been assessment week in school this week – so we have been busy being resilient and resourceful to support us in taking some independent tests. This lets our teachers plan for the next sections of our learning and allow us to reflect on our areas of strengths and development. Alongside that we had a very exciting Olympians Topic Day. We took part in lots of activities: boogie bounce (exhausting), archery, handball, singing (for an upcoming surprise) and we learnt some Japanese and how to say hello in many other languages. Take a look at some of the fantastic pictures below! We are excited for some of our High School transition events to begin next week!

Shark Class Weekly Update 18/06/2021

Sharks have had a busy week despite the heat. We explored Japan through some map work and located national parks, shinto shrines and important landmarks. It was a difficult challenge and we had to use almost all of our JONK skills to achieve it… but we got there! In maths we recapped our knowledge of mixed numbers and improper fractions… using cubes to create them concretely. This helps us to then visual them in our heads. We have been busy working on our targets in writing, reading and maths and want to say a massive congratulations to Sienna and Sophie who managed to achieve their targets this week ! Billy-Lee was incredibly curious this week and shared some wonderful information about the Japanese language that he had researched at home – he will be able to translate fluently by the time the Olympics start! Finally we finished our book ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ and there was a mixed reaction to the ending! Miss Peck is going to bring in the sequel next week as we need answers! Also next week – Thursday is our Olympians topic day which should be great fun.

Shark Class Weekly Update 11/06/2021

We have had a very productive first week back. We have been comparing The BFG and Who Let the Gods out – we particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the Queen. In English we have written some incredible descriptions of the Earth Stone – focussing on increasing the intensity of our vocabulary as we moved through the text. We have nearly finished our book and are desperate to know the ending…. Miss Peck has bought the next one in the series so we can continue the adventure if we want to. In topic we learnt about the first Olympic games and the Japanese belief of Shinto – we had lots of questions which we hope we can answer next week. At lunch times we have been creating our own shade from the sun using the den building equipment and have been very collaborative and creative.

Shark Class Weekly Update 28/05/2021

This week Sharks have been incredible, after a long half term we have finished strong, with a superb attitude to learning. We completed our formal letters and are very pleased with our progress in using formal vocabulary. We finished our interactive slide shows about the role of vitamins in the body and in maths we continued our work around converting measures. For the final two days of the half term we have finally been able to enjoy a topic day. We have taken part in Greek cooking, decorated our clay pots, learnt the Greek alphabet and number system and finally we story mapped and then replicated the Trojan War!

Shark Class Weekly Update 21/05/2021

We have continued our learning around the use of formal language this week – having a go at writing complaint letters inspired the events in our book ‘ Who Let the Gods Out’. Some of our favourite formal phrases have been: ‘contractually obliged’ , ‘we regret to inform you’ and ‘resulted in the immediate termination of your contract’. Have a look at some of our letters below. In topic we worked collaboratively with a Dolphins partner to learn about Ancient Greek Philosophers – we tried our best not to ‘do’ the activity for our younger partner but to guide them through! Miss Peck was really proud of us and there are some photos of us working hard below. On Friday we celebrated NSPCC number day and had fun with some maths activities, including our first go with some new Numicon!

Shark Class Weekly Update 14/05/2021

Well! What a busy week we have had in Sharks. We have been incredibly resilient and resourceful in writing our newspaper reports – we hope you enjoy some of the photos we have shared. We had a lovely time helping our school community for Pyjamarama day on Friday and have tidied the school, shared our kindness with others and reflected on our contributions to our wider community. All week we have excitedly been bringing in bottles for our science work… those of us who have had siblings in Sharks knew it was all to help with our learning about blood! Have a look at the photos – can you guess what each thing represented?