Shark Class Weekly Update 30/04/2021

Sharks have been creating suspense and tension this week… but only in English! We are thoroughly enjoying our English book and were very excited to meet the new character that we have been describing all week. We have been thinking about the importance of ellipsis and other punctuation to help us create atmosphere in our writing. In maths we have put some real effort into tackling fractions – we have found fractions of amounts and used both numerators and denominators to order fractions. In topic we were creative and collaborative in writing non-chrons and leaflets about the Ancient Greek Gods. We have welcomed two new Sharks to our shiver this week and have been busy getting to know them. (Two examples of Shark’s stories so far. First image – written by Ashton, Second image – written by Eva.

Shark Class Weekly Update 23/4/21

A busy week in Sharks; we have been recapping our knowledge of finding equivalent fractions and simplifying them. We have used bar models to represent the fractions to help us visualise the concept of equivalence. We also looked at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. We were proud of how much we had remembered from the autumn term and some of us were really creative in finding ways to tackle reasoning problems. In English we have been using semi-colons to clarify descriptive lists and are using these to write descriptive scene settings about the Ancient Greek afterlife realms of Elysium, Asphodel Fields and Tartarus. In science we enjoyed learning about the structure and function of the heart and are looking forward to finding out more next week. We have also been excited to read more of our book ‘ Who let the Gods out’ and have made some predictions about what will happen next – it is all very tense

Shark Class Weekly Update 16/4/21

This week in Sharks we have really focussed on settling back into our learning Routine. In maths we recapped some core skills like non-standard partitioning and place value. We encourage you to challenge us to a place value game… we got very good! In English we started our new books ‘ Who let the Gods out’ which is linked to our new Olympic Adventures topic. We have been writing dialogue with a particular focus on conveying character… we really got in the haughty, superior way that Virgo speaks! We began our topic by constructing timelines of Ancient Greece and are excited to continue this learning next week.