Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 16/07/2021

Our last full week! And what a busy week it has been. The children enjoyed some taste testing this week, trying different foods and describing the textures, tastes and smells. They were brilliant at giving all the foods a try and talking about if the foods were sweet or sour. Our older children also had a fantastic Transition Morning on Tuesday and were keen to tell the adults about their morning in ‘big school’, talking about who their teacher will be and what they are most looking forward to. We had a look at the new school jumpers which are available to order for September and had a go at trying them on, we think they look super grown up in them!

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 09/07/2021

We have had a bear themed week in Starfish this week. We started the week with ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ The children enjoyed the repetition in the story and joined in with both the story and the actions. On Wednesday we then looked at ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. At snack time the children tried Daddy Bear’s porridge, Mummy Bear’s porridge and Baby Bear’s porridge with Baby Bear’s porridge being the favourite. The children were then able to retell the story, remembering the phrase ‘just right!’ We ended the week learning fun bear facts, including that bears are extremely intelligent animals and are known to care deeply for others.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 02/07/2021

Another busy week in Starfish! We have been looking at ‘Sand and Sea’ including thinking about different animals that live in the sea. Starfish were super at remembering all the different animals that live in the sea and could explain why we don’t see these animals when we go to the beach! The children then enjoyed decorating their own Starfish to display in the classroom, we looked at the different paint colours and what happened when we mixed the colours together. Starfish have also enjoyed tasting the fruit ice lollies they made last week, talking about the different fruits they could see and what it tasted like!

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 25/06/2021

Starfish have had another fabulous week, learning all about Healthy Eating and how we can keep our bodies healthy. The children enjoyed planning their 3 course healthy meal ready for Friday. They created a healthy eating collage plate using different coloured materials and glue to make the different food they are going to try on Friday. The children also got stuck in making ice lollies using fruit and watered fruit juice. They listened really well to the instructions and especially enjoyed taste testing the ingredients! Great work Starfish.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 18/06/2021

We have had super kind and helpful children this week in Starfish. Not only have they been helping the adults, but they’ve also been helping their friends. Starfish have been keen to show how kind and caring they can be, spending time in our kindness area and talking about what they can do to help their friends. We once again took advantage of the warm weather, playing in the water and the mud kitchen, and making sure all the plants had been watered too. At the beginning of the week we talked about the four seasons and what type of weather we might see in Summer and Winter. The children then had an activity to dress two people appropriately for the season they were in, making sure they were wrapped up warm for Winter and kept cool and safe in the sun in Summer.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 11/06/2021

Starfish have come back ready for the last half term of the school year! The children have started practising their pencil control when they come in in the morning, writing their name, numbers and letter. We have also been enjoying the hot weather, making sure we have sun cream on and are drinking lots of water. The children have enjoyed lots of water play this week, using pipes and foam bricks to transport water from one tuff tray to another. Starfish have loved watching the fish float along the water and rolling the balls along the pipes. On Thursday we spent the day on the field with the tents, mats and tunnels. The children were helpful and resourceful, using tools to help put the tent up and creating a construction area.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 28/05/2021

What super helpful Starfish we have had this week. As well as helping other children, Starfish have been helping the adults too! We have had two children a day helping prepare the table for snack time. Setting out the plates and cups, helping pour the milk and washing and drying up are the main jobs for our helpers and they have not disappointed us! But the children haven’t just been busy helping, they have also been busy with their maths work. We have been looking at numbers 1-20, counting our claps and ordering some dinosaur footprints we found. We have also thought about shapes when building an aeroplane out of a cardboard box, thinking about what shape the engine and steering wheel would be.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 21/05/2021

Another busy week in Starfish Preschool! After being introduced to the Monster Phonics characters Starfish decided to update the playhouse outside and change it into a Sound House. With the Monster Phonics characters up on the walls and a tub full of paper, envelopes, pencils and crayons the children have been keen to practise their writing skills! Starfish also had great fun outside on Wednesday afternoon, playing with gloop (cornflour and water) and bubbly water. The children created their own car wash using the water to clean down the bikes and car, taking it in turns with the sponges.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 14/05/2021

What a creative week Starfish have had! We have been looking at mini-beasts this week with a focus on spiders during Monday’s sessions, caterpillars during Wednesday’s sessions and ladybirds during Friday’s sessions. Starfish have made their own spider headbands with pipe cleaners for the legs and each child and member of staff has decorated a circle so we can make a giant caterpillar to display in the classroom. The children have also met the Monster Phonics characters this week, learning the different sound each monster makes.