Dolphin Class Weekly Update 10/03/2023

This week in Dolphin Class, we have started our new English book – How To Train Your Dragon. Some of the children have read this book already and have told me how much they have enjoyed the series. Others have watched the film and are starting to realise how different the book and film series are to each other. After reading the first chapter, children have written character descriptions for the character Gobber, with none of them being very flattering. 

In maths, we have carried on with our unit on fractions. This week we have focused on identifying equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts. Lots of us have been in the learning pit this week but we have used our resilience JONK skill to pull ourselves out. 

Elsewhere, in topic we have been creating collages of Viking longboats using an array of different skills. The children have created some great pieces of artwork that we will finished off next week and displayed in the Dolphin Class gallery.

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