Dolphin Class Weekly Update 13/01/2023

This week, the class has been focusing on multiplication and division in mathematics. We have been learning how to multiply and divide by 4 and 8 and the links between the multiples of both. Children have used a range of manipulatives to represent the multiplication and division facts. Their knowledge of both the multiples of 4 and 8 have improved greatly. Why not test your child by firing 4 and 8 multiplication questions at them?

In English, we have moved onto our new book ‘The Sword and the Stone’, which many children already seem to have knowledge about. We have watched clips from the film and completed our short write, where we have written what we think will happen after Arthur has forgotten Kay’s Sword. 

In topic, we have investigated why the Romans left Britain, what happened after they left and the countries where the Anglo-Saxons came from. The class have been really interested in the subject and had loads of questions. 

The new topic homework has started really well with many children winning house points for creating posters, compiling facts and even building Viking longboats.

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