Dolphin Class Weekly Update

Dolphins have been excited to find out more about the Cornish place in our new book this week – The Mousehole Cat.   Mousehole, or Mowzel as the locals call it, has lots to discover and we are polishing our key fact finding skills in the process.  Dolphins are developing their use of language and noun phrases as they write information texts about the famous place. There are numerous differences between Mousehole and Bacton but we have also found some similarities.  Maths has been drenched in division and language.  Dividend divided by Divisor equals Quotient has definitely taken some practice this week. However, with the use of concrete manipulatives we are now feeling a lot more confident.  During our topic, Dolphins have linked our  learning of coasts with the rivers and thought about the source, different types of rivers and finally estuaries, where fresh water meets salt water.  We are working on our handwriting daily in order to further improve our presentation which has been commented on by visitors to the school this week, so we need to feel proud about this! Well done Dolphins – Such a lot of  learning for five days

Coastal Together

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