Welcome to Dolphin Class


Welcome to Dolphins. We are a lively pod, who pride oursleves on making everyone welcome. This year we currently have 13 year 3s and 6 year 4s giving us a total of 19 hardworking and enthusiastic Dolphins. Our teacher is Mrs Bellison and we are lucky to be supported daily by Mrs Isbell. Dolphins are developing their ability to become independent learners and use a wealth of resources when their learning becomes a little tricky. This takes a lot of resilience but with our JONK skills we have the 'can do attitude' to succeed! This term our topic is 'The Ruling Romans' and our English is linked to this too. We are studying Romulus and Remus as well as some non-fiction texts.

What are we learning about this term?

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I like Dolphin Class because all my friends are here and we have lots of fun learning new things. My favourite subject is maths because you can work collaboratively with a partner. We have lots of clubs after school and I especially like sports club.

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I like Bacton Primary because everyone is kind and I have made lots of friends. My favourite subject is Art because I am good at painting and can be really creative.

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Dolphin Class is a really nice place to learn. The children, teachers and teaching assistants are friendly and help you when you're stuck. My favourite subject is maths because I like solving problems and working with my maths partner.