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Welcome to Dolphin class. We are a pod of 15 children, made up of 8 year 3s and 7 year 4s. Mr Austin is our class teacher and our learning is supported by Mrs McCann. When learning we like to use our JONK Characteristics of being: Resilient, Collaborative, Resourceful, Creative, Reflective and Curious. Remembering these six characteristics helps us as a class and individual to be the most successful learners we can be.

This term our Topic is about The Battle of Britain. During this topic children will be able to apply each of their six JONK Characteristics in different ways across the term. We will learn how the people of Britain were resilient during this time of war, working together collaboratively to overcome adversity. How the citizens were resourceful when there were few resources available and how people like Paul Nash were creative making art after watching the battles in the sky. We will be reflective looking back at how radars aided in the war effort and being curious as to how the battle was won by the allies.

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I like Dolphin Class because all my friends are here and we have lots of fun learning new things. My favourite subject is maths because you can work collaboratively with a partner. We have lots of clubs after school and I especially like sports club.

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I like Bacton Primary because everyone is kind and I have made lots of friends. My favourite subject is Art because I am good at painting and can be really creative.

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Dolphin Class is a really nice place to learn. The children, teachers and teaching assistants are friendly and help you when you're stuck. My favourite subject is maths because I like solving problems and working with my maths partner.

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