Welcome to Seahorse Class


Hello we are Seahorse class, we have ten reception children, five year ones and 13 year twos. We are very lucky that we are supportive of each other and the older children do a really good job of looking after each other and the younger children in our class. We have five amazing adults working with us this term, there is our teacher Miss Lucas and then Mrs Smith, Mrs Wait, Miss Carter and Mrs Aish our teaching assisstants. We are very creative class and enjoy building and making things. We also are collaborative when working but also we are very good at supporting others when they may be finding things hard. We don't mind if we fall in the learning pit because we know we will come out stronger on the other side. We are starting our new topic this term called Olympians, this half term we are focusing on different places around the world and then looking more in depth at the Olympics next half term. Hopefully we will be able to do lots of fun things inside and out. Don't forget Wednesday is the day we do PE so remember to come in your PE kit!

What are we learning about this term?

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I like Bacton Primary because it is all amazing. Seahorse class is good because you learn lots of new things. I especially like maths.

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I like Seahorse Class because of all the work we do. Science, English, handwriting and maths are my favourites.

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I really like the children and teachers at Bacton Primary because they are all friendly and nice. I like to do handwriting because I am really good at it. I'm starting to earn how to join my letters.