Welcome to Shark Class


Welcome to Sharks! Our shiver prides itself on promoting our JONK values. As the oldest children in school we aim to set a good example for our whole community. We work hard and accept that our best learning happens when we make mistakes - falling into the learning pit is important to our success! Our teacher is Miss Peck and we are supported by Mrs Bunting. Our shiver is made up of year 5 and 6 children, There are currently 20 of us - but we are always ready to welcome new Sharks. This term we are learning about The Romans - and their impact on Britain. We will be covering all four operations and fractions in maths. In English we will be studying 'Julius Caesar' by Shakespeare followed by 'Escape from Rome'. Our writing focus will be on improving our stamina and the range of sentence structures we apply within our writing.

What are we learning about this term?


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Bacton Primary is great, especially being in Shark Class. Our school is small so you get to know each other really well and make friends. My favourite subjects are science because you learn about real life things like how your heart works and maths because I find it easy. Being a Shark is brilliant because you get to support younger children in school.

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Bacton Primary is 'Fintastic'. The teachers are kind and supportive and help you achieve your best. My favourite subjects are maths because I like solving problems and history because leaning about the past is interesting.

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I really love being  part of Bacton Primary because we often work as a team. The work and learning is always new which I really like. My favourite subjects are maths because I'm good at using written calculations and science because you learn amazing facts.