Shark Class Weekly Update 10/06/2022

Sharks have been busy this week finishing off their floodland stories and are now publishing these, ready for you to enjoy. Have a look at some sneak previews,,,

7 children have also taken part in BikeAbility and have successfully passed their course and are now ready to bike safely around the community with adult permission!

Isobelle’s Story: 

Whilst the other hundred or so people left on the Island of Norwich had no hope, Lilly did. Years of looking at the photo of her as a baby and another older girl, had given her an idea. Months of holding it tight had worn the edges and the water which had splashed left the photo in a bent state.

Daisy’s Story: 

Amber ran. Her feet crashed against the puddles which scattered the street

As she dived into the derelict train station. The sound of her pounding feet echoed through the rusted tracks, which was followed by the beat of her racing heart. 

As she skidded to a halt for a quick breath, she could hear the  subdued sound of running feet on the platform above ; they were gaining on her.

Harriet’s Story

Lilly was sinking. Her back rubbed against  the frayed rope creating heat burn, as she struggled to get up. The feel of the water lapping against her boots made her scream as she ran to the highest part of the boa. She slipped; she was drowning. Something floated under her- she was safe. 

She swam towards the shore, water lapped against her.she climbed out of the water and scrambled over the rubble. Before her was  the last remains of her house.

Coastal Together

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