Shark Class Weekly Update 18/06/2021

Sharks have had a busy week despite the heat. We explored Japan through some map work and located national parks, shinto shrines and important landmarks. It was a difficult challenge and we had to use almost all of our JONK skills to achieve it… but we got there! In maths we recapped our knowledge of mixed numbers and improper fractions… using cubes to create them concretely. This helps us to then visual them in our heads. We have been busy working on our targets in writing, reading and maths and want to say a massive congratulations to Sienna and Sophie who managed to achieve their targets this week ! Billy-Lee was incredibly curious this week and shared some wonderful information about the Japanese language that he had researched at home – he will be able to translate fluently by the time the Olympics start! Finally we finished our book ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ and there was a mixed reaction to the ending! Miss Peck is going to bring in the sequel next week as we need answers! Also next week – Thursday is our Olympians topic day which should be great fun.