Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 04/11/2022

Starfish have had a super week back after half term and we have definitely been busy! We have been looking at Halloween and Bonfire Night this week. 

At the beginning of the week the children enjoyed exploring pumpkins and scooping all the seeds out by using different tools. We found that smaller spoons worked best as they fit inside the pumpkins easier. At the end of the week, we talked about fireworks and what they looked and sounded like, thinking about the colours, shapes and sizes of fireworks. The children then enjoyed some ‘Sparkler Breadsticks’ they had made by dipping the end of a breadstick in melted chocolate and then covering it with sprinkles and popping candy! It’s safe to say they enjoyed their end of week treat!

In Maths, we have been using a sand tray to hide multilink cubes and the Numberblock characters. The children have loved trying to find these in the sand and have then used their number knowledge to match the correct amount of cubes to the Numberblock character.

In English, we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and talked about how the witch made a potion at the end to create a new broom. We talked about how she added different ingredients to create her potion. The children then created their own potions using different coloured water, ice, sequins, glitter as well as natural materials such as acorns and pumpkin seeds. The children loved making their own potions and turned themselves into monsters, ballerinas and even dinosaurs!

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