Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 09/12/2022

Christmas has arrived in Starfish!

At the end of last week the children began decorating the classroom, including the Christmas tree, and we began our Starfish Christmas Advent Calendar. The children have loved making sure the decorations stay on the tree and waiting to see who’s name is next for our Advent Calendar. 

On Tuesday we had a very special treat of going to our local cafe for our snack! We wrapped up in our coats and high vis jackets and walked down, remembering our road safety from our topic this half term. Starfish were brilliant at reminding us to listen for cars, look where we are going and hold hands to keep us safe. When we got inside, the children sat sensibly on the chairs, saying please and thank you when asking for our food and using their fine motor skills when using their cutlery. We enjoyed hot chocolates with all the trimmings and beans on toast! There were lots of smiles at the table!

We have also had a change around in Starfish with a new role play area. The children worked collaboratively and have been curious about the new toys, exploring the new resources available. 

Starfish have been super at remembering their kind hands and words, taking turns and becoming creative and resourceful learners this week. Well done Starfish!

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