Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 14/10/2022

Another busy week in Starfish, with lots of time spent in our outside area enjoying the sunshine. In our outside tuff tray, the children have been practising their cutting skills, trying hard to follow the lines on the paper and hold their scissors correctly and safely. The children listened carefully to the instructions and loved the challenge of cutting along wiggly lines as well as straight lines. We have continued our topic of people who help us and have thought about Stranger Danger this week. After reading the story Little Red Riding Hood, the children talked about how she shouldn’t have spoken to the wolf and when asked if we should talk to people we don’t know. The children were quick to say no. Later in the week, we talked about what makes a safe adult, thinking about the badges staff wear in school and the uniforms emergency service workers wear. After all their hard work, the children were very tired so we gathered the blankets, cushions and bean bags and made a blanket fort in the role play area. Starfish loved snuggling in the comfy area, listening to stories and ‘pretending’ to have a little sleep at the end of the day.

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