Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 15/07/2022

Starfish have been busy enjoying the sunshine this week.

To help keep cool, Starfish enjoyed exploring glitter ice, trying to free the animals stuck inside the ice. They used their fingers and tools and told us that the sun would help to melt the ice into water. 

We have also enjoyed having our lunch on the field this week, using blankets and cushions for seating and sitting under the shade of the trees to keep cool.

The children have continued to show off their maths skills, using the multilink cubes to create their own ‘Numberblock’ characters and count out the correct number of cubes for each character. 

In phonics, the children have continued to think about the initial sounds in words, using pictures to help them. The children then worked together when playing a game on the board, finding the correct pictures to make a delicious smoothie!

On Wednesday, some of our children went to Seahorse class for their transition morning and came back to Starfish very excited to tell us all the things they had done that morning and what they will be able to do in September!

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