Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 18/11/2022

We have had another super week in Starfish!

At the beginning of the week we finished our poppies for our wreath that we started last week. The children worked really hard and used their fine motor skills to cut the material and paper and stick this to the poppies. 

Starfish have continued to look at Transport this week. We talked about the different vehicles we would see on the road and decided to create our own village. The children chose different coloured paints, sponges and rollers, before using large pieces of paper to create our village. In our village the children chose to have a purple road, a blue pond, pink trees and multi-coloured houses. When all the paint had dried, the children used the dolls to act out village life. 

The children have also been using their phonics skills this week to help recognise their name. Using the letters of the alphabet, the children had to find the letter that their name starts with. If they needed help, the children used the reward chart and their Starfish to help them! They were very resourceful and resilient during this activity, not giving up until they found their letter! Well done Starfish!