Starfish Preschool Weekly Updatte 02/12/2022

Another busy week in Starfish!

We have continued our topic learning, talking about different types of transport we might find on water, as well as in the air and on the road. The children particularly enjoyed playing with the tractors in soil, pretending they were on a farm and transferring the soil from one vehicle to another. 

On Tuesday, Starfish enjoyed spending their lunchtime and some of the afternoon with Seahorse class. They enjoyed exploring the classroom, being curious and working collaboratively with Reception. We are very proud of how well Starfish sat and ate their lunch in the hall as it was much busier (and nosier) than we are used to in Preschool!

Christmas has also arrived at Starfish and the children were able to begin decorating the classroom and our Starfish Christmas tree on Friday. We will make sure to include photos in next week’s newsletter!

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