Starfish Weekly Update 05/11/2021

The children have come back to Starfish ready for more learning this week! Starfish have continued their phonics learning, looking at ‘Angry Red A’ and ‘Yellow I’, learning the sounds the two monsters make and practising the actions. Alongside Phonics, the children have been looking at the numbers 1 and 2 this week, thinking about which number is bigger and finding numbers in their puzzles and games. The children were also keen to explore our new role play area and our sensory room, with the role play area becoming a construction site with a cement mixer, bricks and tools, and the sensory area including a new table with a light box and transparent shapes. They have worked hard to build houses, share tools and mix cement, whilst remembering to stay safe and wear hard hats and high visibility jackets. In the outside area, the children used trains and paint to make different coloured tracks on paper, telling the adults they looked like fireworks!