Starfish Weekly Update 30/09/2022

The rain has not stopped Starfish this week. We put on our welly boots and coats and made the most of the outside area between the showers! The children were keen to show off their football skills, passing the ball to each other and stopping it with their foot to pass it back. In phonics, we met the monster Angry Red A, reading all about him and learning what his job is. The children were brilliant at remembering the sound he makes and what he looks like. We have also continued our maths this week by looking at the number 1. We have been using the Numberblocks to help us, using our own multilink cubes to recreate the numberblock characters. For our topic we went on a tour of the school and thought about who helps us at school. We went to each classroom and  the office and spoke about which adults worked in which room and how they helped the children. Starfish were amazing at listening to the instructions and made sure they smiled and said hello to anyone we bumped into!

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