Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 21/10/2021

Starfish have enjoyed their last couple of days before half term this week, finishing our weather topic and celebrating Halloween. The children have enjoyed exploring our new resources and have been especially good at sharing and taking turns, using the timers to help make taking turns fairer and easier! Inside the classroom, the children were very good at following instructions to make themselves a decorated chocolate covered apple to take home as an end of term treat, watching the chocolate melt in a bowl ready to coat the apples. We have also continued our learning of the Monster Phonics character ‘Angry Red A’ and they were introduced to ‘Yellow I’ who will be visiting us after half term. The children were brilliant at remembering the sounds the Monsters make and have been joining in with the Halloween counting videos we have played in Starfish. In the outside area, we looked at pumpkins and cut them open to look at the seeds and the insides of the pumpkins, using different tools to scoop it all out of the pumpkins. The children were also keen to learn why we celebrate Halloween, and the different ways everyone celebrates.

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