Dolphin Class Weekly Update 14/05/2021

Wow! Dolphins have had another fantastic week. We are almost ready to publish our Medusa retellings but we just need to polish a few areas first. Dolphins are so proud of their stories and rightly so. We have not only developed an understanding of the story but we are now confident with our ability to write different sentence structures. In maths, we have been busy with manipulatives and pictures, as we have grappled with column addition. It has been tricky but we have made great progress and are able to show our reasoning too. We have also had an artistic element to our week as we have been archeologists, using a section of pottery to imagine what our greek vase may have once looked like. Dolphins then used their inference skills to design a replica of the possible greek vase which we then painted in great detail.

Dolphin Class Weekly Update (23/04/21)

We have continued our work around the Greek myths but this week we have started to read ‘Perseus and the Gorgons’ . Dolphins have discovered the gorgon Medusa during their character writing and created mythical creatures of their own. We delved into the use of author’s language to help the reader visualise pictures from our description. I can assure you no one would want to meet them. In maths, we have been working on developing our understanding of tenths using pictorial representations to help us see their size and place value. Many of the Dolphins are now finishing their symmetrical greek pots and they are looking fantastic.

Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 23/04/21

What a busy week Starfish have had! We have spent lots of time outside in the sunshine, running around and playing games on the field or climbing and balancing on the trim trail. The children were amazing at helping each other on the trim trail and taking it in turns. Whilst inside we have been looking at the different zoo animals and talking about what a zookeeper’s job is. The children were eager to talk about their own zoo experiences and which animals are their favourites. Some of the children have also been practising their writing, tracing the letters of the alphabet and trying hard to remember the different sounds each letter makes.

Seahorse Class Weekly Update 23/4/21

This week Seahorses have been busy continuing our learning in the sunshine when we have been able to, and this has included being able to play in the soapy water. Some of our reception children also decided to form a band and sang the alphabet with a musical accompaniment. Meanwhile year 1 and 2 were being very busy in the classroom painting circles in the style of Kandinsky. Reception have also started their new book for English this week all about a girl that lives in Africa, stay tuned to find out the title.

Shark Class Weekly Update 23/4/21

A busy week in Sharks; we have been recapping our knowledge of finding equivalent fractions and simplifying them. We have used bar models to represent the fractions to help us visualise the concept of equivalence. We also looked at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. We were proud of how much we had remembered from the autumn term and some of us were really creative in finding ways to tackle reasoning problems. In English we have been using semi-colons to clarify descriptive lists and are using these to write descriptive scene settings about the Ancient Greek afterlife realms of Elysium, Asphodel Fields and Tartarus. In science we enjoyed learning about the structure and function of the heart and are looking forward to finding out more next week. We have also been excited to read more of our book ‘ Who let the Gods out’ and have made some predictions about what will happen next – it is all very tense