Bacton Primary Mental Wellbeing

‘Snozzcumber’ is still the topic of the Sea Sanctuary Wellbeing Garden.  We are hoping to taste one of the cucumbers next week and think of different ways we could use cucumbers.  Mr Hopkins has had a sneaky taste of the strawberries and confirmed they are very tasty!  

Not sure if the change of weather is down to us, we received a new watering can, but have not used it due to the change of weather.  On the plus side the garden is looking amazing.  The weeds are enjoying the rain and growing too, so we may need to have a big weed session.  

We have made a start on our Worry Worm who is going to be placed around the garden.  The children have been very busy painting their stones to create a long body.  It would be lovely for the children to find a large stone over the weekend to paint in school to continue to add to the worm.  How long can we make him before the end of term.  The stones will be varnished to ensure they last in all weathers.  The alphabet is waiting to be varnished so they can be added to the construction area.   You may have noticed a few cheeky characters around the garden?

Our wildflower frame has started to sprout.  The children have been checking daily for bugs in the Bee & Bee with their mini magnifying glasses.  Sadly we have not seen any, yet.  We do know there are spiders as they have spun their webs.  There was a very exciting bug in the strawberries, a baby grasshopper.  I wonder if he has been nibbling the sweet tasting strawberries?

The garden is not finished and the ideas keep flowing, it is bringing so much enjoyment to the children and staff. 

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