Dolphin Class Weekly Update 05/05/2023

This week in Dolphins we have continued our topic work on the importance of water as a resource by further investigating the water cycle and its different stages. The class then proceeded to create our own shoebox dioramas of the water cycle. The children were sorted into groups, given shoeboxes and told to create models of the water cycle using a range of items. Throughout the two afternoons spent making the dioramas the children demonstrated great collaboration working together, discussing ideas and making these ideas come alive in their models. And as you can see from the pictures the class have been very creative and resourceful with their designs, with one group even creating a VR headset depicting the water cycle. Well done Dolphins!

Elsewhere in English, we have also been carrying on the theme of the water cycle with our new book Once Upon a Raindrop, which filled our minds with loads of different facts about water, like how one theory of how water came to Earth was from meteorites full of ice which hit Earth and melted to create our vast ocean. We used this book to help model our sentences throughout the week, then on Thursday we completed our short write on the differing uses of water. 

In maths, Dolphins have been progressing with our work on decimals. Last week we investigated what tenths are and this week we have focused on hundredths, investigating how to place them on a place value chart and how to both ‘standard partition’ and ‘flexible partition’ decimals with hundredths.

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