Dolphin Class Weekly Update 07/07/2023

This week has been a very busy week for Dolphins with lots of different learning happening in the classroom. We started the week learning all about Kennings, these are a type of riddle-like poem consisting of two-word to describe a noun. See if you can guess what each of these Kennings describe that were written by the class. 






annoying -ringer


google -searcher

The children had great fun creating these poems, being able to showcase their own creative ideas. 

Elsewhere in maths, the class has moved onto our geometry unit, where so far we have been learning about angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons. They have been able to identify the different types of triangles, how quadrilaterals all have four sides and naming shapes with up to eight sides. 

In topic, we have been on our music block where the class got to practise and perform a musical number with boomwhackers. They performed In the Jungle and although it was hard to listen to at the start of their practise, with some playing out of time, it soon improved and sounded great come the performance.

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