Dolphin Class Weekly Update 08/09/2023

Dolphins have settled in well coming back into school from the holidays, with everyone ready for the new learning challenges ahead. 

This short week has been ‘learning to learn’ week, where the children have been discovering how we learn and develop. This has included learning about how to have a growth mindset, using the power of yet, the learning pit and our JONK characteristics to support our learning. 

We refreshed ourselves on the JONK characteristics this week by completing a range of activities. For the resourceful and creative JONK we had to create a boat using items in the classroom that we thought would float. For curiosity we investigated different questions that intrigued us and for resilience we tried to solve some hard puzzles. 

The class has worked so hard this week and I am looking forward to the learning journey we are going to have this year together! 

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