Dolphin Class Weekly Update

8 December 2023

Dolphins have had a fantastic week finishing our very popular Battle of Britain Topic with a wonderful experience day provided by Black Knight. In the morning, it was great to see all the amazing costumes the children were wearing, really feeling like we had gone back in time to 1940s wartime Britain. 

In the first session, Dolphins were with Mr Splicer, an Air Raid Warden, who told and showed us about his role in the Second World War. This involved sounding an air raid siren, disposing of bombs, putting out fires, identifying butterfly bombs and much more. The children got to have a chance with each piece of equipment that was used in the home front war effort. The funniest part was everyone getting drenched with the firehose, accidentally of course.  

After break, we were with Molly learning all about rationing. The children, who we found were cheese and egg lovers, could not believe how little cheese and eggs people were allowed during wartime. They were also not keen on the idea of ‘mock banana’, which was made from boiled parsnips, sugar and banana essence. 

In the afternoon, the children got a lot more hands on. First, they had a go at milking a cow with Mrs Bellison (not a real cow unfortunately), some of the class were naturals at this. Then, we were back with Mr Splicer who taught us how to be soldiers and put us through our paces on an obstacle course, carrying guns, ammo, barbed wire and even a casualty of war. After this, the children were over codebreaking a German message with Mr Wilson. The children enjoyed trying to crack the code, with many working on the code over the last couple of days to complete it. 

The Class had a fantastic day but attention now returns to the Christmas Production which starts on Thursday. The children have been working very hard on preparing over the last couple of weeks and we are very excited to invite you all to come watch, support and have a laugh with us.

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