Dolphin Class Weekly Update

12 September 2024

This week in Dolphins we have started our new Topic entitled ‘Guardians of the Planet’. In this Topic we will be learning all about the planet, why we need to protect it and what we can do to protect it. We started this week with Geography, investigating the equator, northern and southern hemisphere, different time zones and the lines of longitude and latitude. The children enjoyed these lessons having lots of amazing questions.

Over in English, we started our unit on ‘We Are Water Protectors’, which is a cultural text. The book focuses on a North American indigenous culture that is protesting about a dark snake (Dakota Access Pipelines) polluting their land and animals. In the first lesson of the week we looked at how rainsticks were used by indigenous people to summon the rain from the skies. The class then got a chance to make their own rainstick, which I’m sure they have been playing with at home. Later in the week, we had a go at writing our own piece of work warning against different items that may harm the environment. This ranged from plastic bags, fishing wire and nets to toxic waste produced by factories. The class then had a chance to look over and edit their work on Friday. 

In Maths and Arithmetic, we have moved over to working with larger, more challenging 4-digit numbers. The children have been able to identify strategies used with smaller numbers that can be transitioned over to larger ones, helping them to adapt to the new challenge and produce some great work.  

Well done on a great first full week back Dolphins!

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