Dolphin Class Weekly Update 12/05/2023

This week Dolphins have vacated their classroom and been joined by the year 5s so that the Year 6s could have peace and quiet to focus on completing their SATs. In the mornings, we have been learning in the hall. The class has been fantastic throughout the week and seemed to have thrived in the new environment, with many of the children saying they prefer learning in the hall. 

In maths we have finished learning about decimals, with a challenging few days experimenting with flexibly partitioning decimals. Even though it was a challenge all children demonstrated great resilience and resourcefulness, in not giving up and using a range of manipulatives to support our learning. 

In English, Dolphins have continued writing all about the water cycle, creating our own sentences to explain each of the processes. On friday, we finished the week completing our big write, where the class had a go at pening their own non-chronological reports. 

Elsewhere, in topic the class have moved on to learning about rivers, investigating the three different sections (upper, middle and lower courses) and the features that commonly occur within each section. The class then drew their own river, annotating each of the features as you can see below.

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