Dolphin Class Weekly Update

19 January 2024

We have had a very creative week in Dolphins. We started the week investigating the four different collage techniques. The techniques were overlapping, tessellation, mosaic and montage. Once we found out what these different techniques were, we had a practice at each of them to see which one we were going to use when creating our own collages on Wednesday. It was interesting to see that the children all preferred different techniques. 

On Wednesday, we then discovered that we had to create a collage of a nature scene. The children all used a range of differing techniques that we had practised the day before, creating some wonderful pieces of artwork. The children greatly enjoyed making their own collages and getting gluey fingers. 

Over in English, we have finished our unit on cultural stories, writing a story on how we can protect our water from pollution. There were lots of great ideas and discussions which led to some amazing big writes on Friday. 

In Maths, we have been investigating decimal numbers and fractions. We started looking and working with tenths as decimals, then on to hundredths. We then progressed on to working with money, viewing how using decimals can support us with working with money. 

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