Dolphin Class Weekly Update

26 January 2024

This week in Dolphins, we have been investigating what climate change is and how it is affecting the world that we live in. We started the week researching who Greta Thunberg is and how she has become one of the world’s leading climate change activists from such a young age. This led to us discussing the impacts the world warming up is having and what this may potentially mean in the future. 

In English, we are using our new learning to start writing a letter to Greta Thunberg about how we are going to make a positive impact against climate change. We have practised writing a letter to Mr Hopkins, making sure we have the correct layout and shape when writing a formal letter. Next week we will progress on to writing to Greta with all our ideas. 

Topic has run hand in hand with English as we investigated what climate change is, how the build up of greenhouse gases is warming up the Earth and what impact this has on the habitats of the planet. We then started planning our very own podcast, discussing the impacts of climate change. The class have started writing their scripts and will start recording their podcast at the beginning of next week. 

Over in maths, Dolphins have moved away from a successful unit on addition and subtraction and on to multiplication and division. We have focused on multiplication this week and how we can use repeated addition to support our multiplication. We have been using an array of representations to support our learning, with one of the class favourites being ice cream representations, although we wished we had the real thing instead of images. 

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