Dolphin Class Weekly Update

Dolphins have this week been investigating two of the planes used in the Battle of Britain. We started the week with the Spitfire, a fighter aircraft used by the RAF which was critical in defending Britain during World War 2. We then focused on the Messerschmitt, the backbone of the German fighter aircrafts. The children found lots of interesting facts on each plane, then on Tuesday we held a debate over which plane we thought was better. The children on each team had lots of great arguments for each plane, with plenty of information to back up their arguments. 

On Wednesday, the children got a chance to see footage of the planes mid-flight. Mrs Winchester, seeing their excitement watching the footage, got the children to re-enact what it would be like to pilot the planes. As you can see by the children’s facial expressions they got into character and really enjoyed this activity.

Elsewhere in English we have finished our unit on the book ‘Little Ships’ where the children have produced some wonderful writing all week then gone on to create some magnificent big writes, being very creative with their writing.

In Maths, we have been identifying how to partition numbers to help us find the next and previous ten. This has been done to help us with our additions and subtractions across ten with 2- and 1-digit numbers. The children have been able to use a range of resources to support their learning, including dienes, number lines, tens frames and counters.

It has been a very productive week and I am looking forward to all the amazing work we can complete together next week.  

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