Dolphin Class Weekly Update


This week in Dolphin class, we have moved away from our unit of Art and have progressed on to History and Geography. In History, we were curious about what the Dowding System is and how it helped during the Battle of Britain. The children were fascinated by how radars were used to detect incoming planes from France. In Geography we discovered the locations of the Chain Home (Dowding System radar towers), how they worked together for a stronger radius and then plotted them on a map of Britain. 

In English, we have moved on to our new unit of diary writing, with help from the book My Secret War Diary. The children have been very creative this week, coming up with some extraordinary sentences in our Sentence Stacking lessons and producing some wonderful sketches of an aerial dogfight which inspired our short writes about watching a German plane crashing after a battle with a Spitfire in the skies above. This topic has really caught the interests of many of the children and it has been reflected in their work.

Over in Maths, we have continued with number, addition and subtraction, with the class flying through how to use the column method to solve both addition and subtraction problems with 2-digit and regrouping. Lots of work has been put in using counters and place value charts before moving on to the more abstract column method.

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