Dolphin Class Weekly Update

19 October 2023

This week in Dolphins we have had a great week investigating how the British people protected themselves against the German air raids, during World War 2. We discovered how people built air raid shelters in their garden and homes. In gardens we found Anderson shelters that were dug into the ground, made with corrugated iron sheets and sand bags to protect from bombing. Whereas in houses people built Morrison shelters, which were used as tables during the day and shelters when the raids occurred. 

After investigating all about the different shelters we progressed onto planning how to construct our own Anderson shelters.The children needed to sketch the inside and outside of the shelters, creating a list of different materials they would need to build their own models. These models will then be created after half term. 

Over in mathematics we have advanced onto addition and subtraction with 2-digit numbers. We have been very resilient this week working on regrouping. The children have all had a chance to use manipulatives to understand why we regroup when we cross the 10 boundary in a mathematical equation. The whole class has worked extremely hard all week and I am very proud of the progress made in a tricky unit. 

Over in English we have finished our unit on diary writing, ending with our Big Write on Thursday. In Big Write the class had to create a diary entry for a young person who was alive during the Blitz. The class were very creative writing about how the air raid sirens went off, how they had to evacuate into their air raid shelters for protection, then describing all the sounds that were coming from the bombing raid outside. 

It has been a great half term full of intrigue and enthusiasm for learning, where everyone has settled into our class brilliantly. Well done Dolphins!

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