Dolphin Class Weekly Update

3 November 2023

This week has been a busy week off timetable for Dolphin class. At the start of the week we had a great afternoon of multisports at Colby Primary School, where the children were able to try a whole host of different sports (12 to be precise). Mr Austin’s favourite was the tug-of-war, where as you can see from the pictures all the children were determined to win. Mrs Winchester’s favourite was the dance station, although she was disappointed in the dance moves of the class and is going to introduce boogying lessons when next in the classroom. When asking the children what was their favourite, obviously most said football, but others enjoyed golf, dodgeball and being collaborative using the tracks. 

Elsewhere this week we have been focusing on PSHE and RE. In PSHE we focused first on bullying, discussing what bullying is, the different types and how we can react to bullying if we are a bystander. We then progressed onto our strengths and challenges, investigating relationships, put down (and put ups) and how to feel better (where children had a great game of emotion charades). 

Over in RE we have been having some great discussions around Christianity and especially who is God, what sin is and our role in protecting our world. The Class have been really engaged, asking some great questions and have produced some amazing work, especially on Thursday when we were being creative making Earth mosaics. 

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