Dolphin Class Weekly Update

10 November 2023

This week has been a very creative week in Dolphin class, where the children have been crafting their own Andersonson shelters. These shelters were first designed before half term and the children have been long awaiting, eager to start their crafting. The class were given the choice whether to work as a group or individually, some teamed up to start their builds and others decided to work by themselves. 

In the first lesson they worked hard cutting and sticking the shelter together, having to work out how to bend the cardboard into the perfect shape (many found using their water bottles helpful), then measuring the front and back panel so they would fit perfectly. Some even got as far as starting to make furniture for the inside of their shelter, which included beds, chairs, bookshelves and of course a toilet. 

In the second lesson the children got to work on the outside of their shelters, some decided to paint, whereas others decided to cut and stick different materials to get their desired looks. Many of the class also added vegetable patches so that they had plenty to eat if the air raid sirens were to sound. 

Over in English we have started a new narrative based on the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, which is based around Lenny, a young child who gets evacuated from London due to the Blitz. The class have really enjoyed the book so far and have created some wonderful sentences in our sentence stacking lessons and then produced some amazing setting descriptions of London after a bombing raid on Thursday. 

In maths we have been very resilient investigating crossing 100 using both addition and subtracting. At the start of the week we were finding the concept hard, but through using manipulatives to support our learning we have strengthened our understanding as the week has progressed. 

There has been loads of awesome work this week which we hope will continue throughout the rest of the term. 

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