Dolphin Class Weekly Update


In Dolphins this week we have been continuing our Topic work on the Battle of Britain, but our focus has moved on to food rationing and how people in Briton survived with minimal resources. The class was horrified to find out that in some instances parks and playing spaces were transformed into places to grow food to feed the population, and when it was suggested that our school playground would be dug up for crop growing the class wrote some strongly worded letters to the Head of Agriculture letting their feelings known. We also learnt about how different produce is grown and consumed during the different seasons of the year. The class were then tasked with coming up with a meal based on what is eaten in a certain season, which led to some interesting meal choices. 

Elsewhere in English, the class has finished their unit on narrative writing based on the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’. Thursday was the highlight of the week for many children, learning Cockney slang and using it in our work when writing dialogue for Lenny and his mum. We ended English on Friday with our Big Writes recreating the narrative with our own characters getting evacuated and living in the countryside.  

Over in PE, the children have continued our work on gymnastics, learning on Thursday how to master forward rolls. The children were all very resilient and reflective during this lesson, not giving up and learning from their mistakes to perfect their rolls. 

In Maths the children have smashed it this week! We have been investigating and comparing 3-digit numbers, using a range of manipulatives. The children throughout the week have needed little adult support and have grasped all their activities independently. The workrate has been great to see and the levels of understanding are amazing!

Well done on a fantastic week Dolphins!! 

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