Seahorse Class Weekly Update 06/10/2023

It has been great this week seeing how we can partition numbers in year 1 and 2. We’ve been able to apply what we already know and have also been learning how to create our own bar models. We started the week out by splitting numbers to five into parts. We had up to three parts for some numbers. We then moved on to looking to see how we can make sure we have made all the possible options and subitising. Finally we looked at bar models and then started making our own with cubes. 

In English we have all now finished the book ‘The Way Back Home’ and have had some amazing ideas about what else was in the boy’s cupboard and the adventure the boy and alien went on. We are really pleased to see year 1 and 2 children working hard on their handwriting in their homework and applying it to their writing in class.

On Monday afternoon year 1 and 2 went to Colby for a KS1 Multi Sports event. It was a lovely afternoon with lots of other schools there and a range of activities run by key stage 2 children from Colby. Seahorses were well behaved and had a fantastic time.

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