Seahorse Class Weekly Update 07/07/2023

It has been another busy week in Seahorses. Reception read the book ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ in maths and have been problem solving. This has included finding how many legs in the boat and who it could be, trying to create a boat that doesn’t sink and fitting everyone in the boat. Year one and two have been recapping their knowledge of numbers and ensuring we know what we need to and are more confident ready for our transitions in September. This week has included reading and writing numbers, doubling and halving.

In English, reception have started a book that year one and two will join in with next week called ‘Too Small Tola’. This week year one and two have finished their writing on ‘Jumanji’. We learnt that a lion and monkeys came out of the game and the children have written their own endings for the story.

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