Seahorse Class Weekly Update 17/03/2023

This week we have enjoyed celebrating British Science Week by carrying out two of our own experiments. We have applied what we have learnt about materials and their properties to find the best material to fix a hole in my bucket as well as finding a bendy, stretchy toy for a child.

Meanwhile in PE we have been refining our ball skills. This week we were practising catching the ball and learning how to do a chest pass and bounce pass.As we moved through the lesson there were fewer balls rolling around the playground. It was great to see year 2 being supportive of their reception partners.

Reception have been embracing the Womble way of life and have created posters to put up around school telling us to put our rubbish in the bins and turn the lights off. It has been great to see them use their phonics and handwriting skills to create some amazing posters.

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