Seahorse Class Weekly Update 22/09/2023

We have had another busy week in Seahorses with year 2 finishing their writing based on the book ‘Journey’. It was great to add some amazing sentences to our wordless picture book. Meanwhile Year 1 and reception have been thinking about how Little Red Riding Hood could go and visit Granny without seeing the wolf. In maths, year 1 have been looking at showing one more or less than numbers to 20 and year 2 have been looking at this for numbers to 50. We have been practising using our stem sentences ‘One more than 5  is 6.’ and ‘One less than 6  is 5.’ The more we are using the stem sentences in class the more the children are using them independently.

Meanwhile in topic reception have been thinking about their families and how they are all different. They have talked about what different members of their families like and don’t like. Year 1 and 2 have been turning into budding artists and have been thinking about how to draw lines of different thickness so they can create their own drawings of hot air balloons.

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