Seahorse Class Weekly Update 23/06/2023

What a creative week in Seahorses! We started the week by learning about African art and how varied it is. Reception made some African Necklaces using paper plates and showed some super paintbrush control. Meanwhile year 1 and 2 started looking at African masks, what they can be made from, the colours used and when they are worn. Then we designed our own in our sketchbooks ready for Wednesday and Thursday when we started painting them. We are looking forward to displaying them on top of the lockers along with some more artwork we will be doing next week.

In maths reception have been learning about sharing amounts and have worked very hard to share cookies between the Monsters. Reception have also been keeping diaries this week writing about what they did the day before. We have noticed how well they are using their phonics to help their spelling.

Year 1 and 2 have started looking at positional language and describing movement in maths this week. There has been a big push to make sure we know our left and our right. They have also finished writing their recounts about project week and finished this unit off by writing a recount of their day.

PE will be on Tuesday next week not Monday (for this week only)

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